Woodoc Colours

Woodoc Colours are formulated to be added to clear

Woodoc Water-Borne and Solvent-Based Sealers ensuring easy and controlled application.

The Woodoc Colours range of Brights, as well as fashion- and wood shades provide endless décor possibilities.

Typical Application

For transparent colour decoration on:

Pine furniture, Wooden floors, Wooden toys, Wooden Patio Furniture, Garage Doors and Gates

Woodoc Colours can also be used on darker woods.


Available in a pre-measured bottle. 

Applied by mixing into a selected sealer for uniform application.  

The intensity of the colour can be controlled.

Please refer to instructions on the bottles or download the Usage and application instructions.



Because the natural colour and absorbency of wood differ,

the final appearance of Woodoc Colours can vary on application.

Woodoc Colours.png