Woodoc Water-Borne Floor

Woodoc Water-Borne Floor

Woodoc Water-Borne Floor is a modern sealer for indoor wooden floors, staircases, furniture and doors.  It is as tough and durable as it is good looking. Non-yellowing, easy to apply, easy to clean-up and backed by the long tradition of Woodoc fine wood sealers.


Any of the Woodoc COLOURcan be added to this CLEAR product to tint it.  Please go to the COLOURS section to see our colour selection and examples.


  • Typical Application

    • Indoor wooden floors
    • Indoor wooden stairs
    • Indoor wooden furniture
    • Indoor wooden doors
    • For indoor use only
    • Resistant to normal domestic wear and tear
  • Features

    • Does not yellow
    • Low-odour
    • Easy application
    • Water-, alcohol-, heat- and stain-resistant
    • Penetrates wood, binds with it and lends a flexible yet strong and resistant surface finish
    • Suitable for all types of wood
    • Non-toxic once dry


  • Coverage

    • First coat 10/12 square metres per litre.
    • Subsequent coats 12/14 square metres per litre.
    • 3 coats is the advised application 3.3 square metres per litre.
  • Colour Explained

    Woodoc Colours are formulated to be added to clear Woodoc Water-Borne and Solvent Based Sealers ensuring easy and controlled application. The Woodoc Colours range of Brights, as well as fashion- and wood shades provide endless décor possibilities.


    For transparent colour decoration on Pine furniture, Wooden floors, Wooden toys, Wooden Patio Furniture, Garage Doors and Gates. Woodoc Colours can also be used on darker woods.


    The colours come in a pre-measured bottles.  You apply them by mixing them into a selected sealer for uniform application.  The intensity of colour can be controlled. Please refer to instructions on the bottles or download the Usage and application instructions.


    Note: Because the natural colour and absorbency of wood differ, the final appearance of Woodoc Colours can vary on application.


    For more information please visit out COLOUR section.

How Woodoc Supercedes All Coating Alternatives


Binds with the wood: Because Woodoc penetrates into the wood it binds with it, becoming part of the wood’s surface.


Woodoc works in harmony with the wood allowing it to breathe naturally just like bark, helping to combat ageing and deterioration.


Doesn’t Crack – Biodegrades: The Woodoc coating doesn’t get brittle with age but stays in harmony with the wood and biodegrades at the end of its cycle. 


Easy Maintenance and Re-sealing: All that a Woodoc-treated surface requires when renovating is:



*Solvent Based Sealers: to be cleaned down with steel wool and mineral turpentine, then resealed with appropriate sealer. Remove dust and loose particles. 


*Water-Borne Sealers: to be sanded lightly with fine sandpaper to key the surface and ensure proper binding between the old and new layers. Remove dust and loose particles.