Woodoc Interior Deep Penetrating Wax

Woodoc Interior Deep Penetrating Wax

This unique deep penetrating liquid wax not only cleans and beautifies, but penetrates varnish, sealers and polish effectively to feed and protect the wood below. It is economical with less wax needed with regular use to keep the surface in top notch condition.

  • Typical Appication

    Maintenance of all indoor furniture and woodwork:


    • Tables, coffee tables, chairs
    • Wood panelling, walls
    • Dressing tables, wardrobes
  • Features

    • Deep penetrates to nourish wood as it cleans
    • Will not change the protective characteristics of the surface coating/finish
    • Non-toxic when dry


    Caution: it will not protect wood as a sealer would.


  • Coverage

    Depends on Application

How Woodoc Supercedes All Coating Alternatives


Binds with the wood: Because Woodoc penetrates into the wood it binds with it, becoming part of the wood’s surface.


Woodoc works in harmony with the wood allowing it to breathe naturally just like bark, helping to combat ageing and deterioration.


Doesn’t Crack – Biodegrades: The Woodoc coating doesn’t get brittle with age but stays in harmony with the wood and biodegrades at the end of its cycle. 


Easy Maintenance and Re-sealing: All that a Woodoc-treated surface requires when renovating is:



*Solvent Based Sealers: to be cleaned down with steel wool and mineral turpentine, then resealed with appropriate sealer. Remove dust and loose particles. 


*Water-Borne Sealers: to be sanded lightly with fine sandpaper to key the surface and ensure proper binding between the old and new layers. Remove dust and loose particles.