Water-Borne BLK.png

Both Woodoc Water-Borne and Solvent-Based sealers are penetrating sealers. The first coat penetrates and binds with the wood, while the second and third coats provide a protective finish on the surface. Both these types of sealers provide strong, hard finishes and will protect wood against water- and alcohol stains and every-day wear and tear.

Solvent-based sealers will enhance the natural colour of the wood and the wood could, therefore, appear a little darker after sealing. Water-borne sealers, on the other hand, will not enhance the colour of the wood or yellow with age.

Water-borne sealers dry quickly and are virtually odourless, while solvent-based sealers will smell of solvent until the product has cured properly. They also take longer to dry. Water-borne sealers are considered to be more environmentally-friendly than solvent-based sealers. After the use of Woodoc Solvent-Based Sealers, brushes are cleaned with mineral turpentine, while water is used to clean brushes after the use of Woodoc Water-Borne Sealers.