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All Woodoc Sealers are formulated to protect and nourish the wood, forming a tough decorative finish. 

They penetrate the surface and bond with the wood, living with it and giving it the longest possible life and surface protection.

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Problems With Most Common Timber Decking Coatings


Don’t adhere to the surface: Wood coatings such as varnishes only adhere to the surface of the wood being treated. They do not penetrate or bind with the wood, preventing movement. This causes the coatings to become brittle and crack with age.


Expansion and Contraction: Temperature and humidity variations cause wood to expand, contract and change size. If the surface coating isn’t in harmony with the wood it won’t move with it.


Wood also warps: This movement combined with the varnish getting hard causes the coating to crack and craze.

The Consequences of Surface Coating Cracking


Moisture and UV Penetration: The cracks in hard varnish allow moisture to reach the wood. It also allows the sun’s rays direct contact with the wood.


Surface Lifting and Cracking: This causes the surface to lift from the wood. It also starts mildewing and blackening of the wood.

How Woodoc Supercedes All Coating Alternatives

Binds with the wood: Because Woodoc penetrates into the wood it binds with it, becoming part of the wood’s surface.


Woodoc works in harmony with the wood allowing it to breathe naturally just like bark, helping to combat ageing and deterioration.


Doesn’t Crack – Biodegrades: The Woodoc coating doesn’t get brittle with age but stays in harmony with the wood and biodegrades at the end of its cycle. 


Easy Maintenance and Re-sealing: All that a Woodoc-treated surface requires when renovating is:



*Solvent Based Sealers: to be cleaned down with steel wool and mineral turpentine, then resealed with appropriate sealer. Remove dust and loose particles. 


*Water-Borne Sealers: to be sanded lightly with fine sandpaper to key the surface and ensure proper binding between the old and new layers. Remove dust and loose particles. 

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